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Please use the two hyperlinks below (double click them), to track your volunteer hours/mileage and to annotate Activities you attended representing the American Legion.  Thank you all for what you do for your local veterans and youth.  


If you complete any kind of volunteer service either in the capacity of a committee for the American Legion or on your own accord, please use the monthly tracker and turn it into Commander Craw each month.  Collecting accurate volunteer hours are important, it provides facts to the Department (state) and National headquarters on the great things we are doing in our communities.  Please click on the "Time tracker" link below and download your sheets and start tracking your hours.  This tracking sheet can also log your mileage to each event.  Thank you for all you do for the Veteran's and the youth of our Community.  Keep up the great work and continue to demonstrat why the American Legion is vital in our communities.

 Volunteer Hour tracker


Please use the activity tracker to capture a good story on an event you attended or might have volunteered for which represented the American Legion.  Please take some photos and write a story explaining the American Legion activity. I will put your story on the website, or in the newsletter and it might even make it's way to the Department (state) publication and you might find our story in the National Magazine for the American Legion.

Activity Tracker (representing the American Legion)